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Stephanie Nicole 

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98.3 Superfly FM-
"With its long and eventful history you sometimes have the feeling in the soul music all would have been tried. But there are always artists ever explore the boundaries of the concept of Soul. Just as the singer Stephanie Nicole with her debut album Soulutionary One." 

Bama Love 

Soul- "Her music is honest and beautiful, yet not easily contained within any genre and immediately draws on the emotions."

Music Is My 


"It has this relaxing, soothing vibe combined with very positive lyrics which is very refreshing to hear."


Audio Diva-

"Voices has that same feel of Earthy homegrown lounge-soul that is ripe for the picking and perfect for moments of musing and just to chill-out.Trust that you'll be starving to hear more."

Giant Step-

"Southern California singer/songwriter Stephanie Nicole recently dropped her Voices EP featuring some syrupy soul. Our favorite track is the opening tune, "Soulutionary One," sounding something like a classic Zero 7 joint."


Media Inc-

"long-awaited debut, Soulutionary One, the classically trained Nicole establishes herself as a significant figure in her own right. It would be disingenuous to classify the broad ranging and often new age-flavoured music here (co-written and co-produced with Craig Perkins, aka Classroom Craig) as mere "neo-soul." 

Paris DJs-"The space funk of 'Diligence' by Stephanie Nicole is our favorite of the lot in this relaxing, rather horizontal panorama of the emerging neo-soul scene."

Blues and Soul Magazine-

"Diligence" by Stephanie Nicole, who puts forward a rather convincing vocal delivery over a two chord slow grinding burner with that ever present electric piano adding an immense class to the extremely late night feel of the track

UK Vibe Magazine:
"One will find delving into Ms Nicole’s world over and over. It is simply revolutionary. It awakens the soul, it speaks in a universal language. Play it in full and until it wears out. Absolute gem."

Soulutionary One is the long-awaited new album from singer/songwriter Stephanie Nicole. Ever since she dropped her Voices EP back in the spring of 2013, excited ripples have been circulating among the neo-soul cognoscenti about this California-based songstress, and she doesn’t disappoint with this fine set, once again reuniting her with co-producer /co-writer and soulmate Craig Perkins, a.k.a. Classroom Craig. 

Like many a successful artist before her, Stephanie had a stint on stage doing The Wiz, but as well as musical theatre, she also has a background in classical music back in her native Virginia, working with many renowned composers and conductors and picking up awards as she went (the ‘Festival Choir’ competition won three years in a row 1999-2001 as a member of the Select Women’s Ensemble). 

Firmly in the tradition of Erykah Badu, Macy Gray and India Arie, Stephanie writes socially-conscious and spiritually uplifting material tinged with her diverse influences drawn from rock, classical and jazz. Real instruments supply a full tone palette for the eclectic range of moods and styles, from the almost post-punk vibe of Replenish to the ‘cosmic’ eastern drone of Maha Meditation. 

Having gigged extensively in both Virginia and Cali in support of the aforementioned EP, Stephanie has also already been included in BamaLoveSoul’s compilation of new music, On Deck 2, and the track Diligence in particular has been receiving lots of attention from discerning critics and DJs everywhere. Expect to hear much more of Ms. Nicole.

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